About Us

Benzalott Windshield Repair

We’re a locally owned company with an emphasis on Christian values and the best windshield repair around. As a business, we’re dedicated to analyzing broken windshields and repairing cracks or chips with an incomparable precision. At Benzalott, we take our time to study the impact point(s) of resulting windshield damage so you end up with a repaired windshield where there’s little to no evidence that damage ever occurred.

We are a mobile repair shop that saves you money. This means we can come to you to make the windshield repair if need be. We work with any insurance company to ensure that drivers with comprehensive coverage pay nothing out of pocket for quality repairs. Because of this, most repairs are free and insurance premiums are not increased due to a glass repair claim.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

Most chip repairs can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Larger cracks tend to take longer but will be repaired with our patented technology — a job that many other glass and windshield repair shops won’t bother attempting.​

Our Commitment to the Community

While quality windshield repairs are our passion, so is our commitment to friends, family, and the community. We collect clothing and toy donations, as well as non-perishable food items for delivery where they are needed in the community.